Hindu unity force CPM leader to retreat

Post date: Dec 16, 2014 2:47:10 PM

Writer :Krishanu Mitra 'all is nation's, nothings mine'

Krishanu Mitra

Thakur Nagar is a small town in North 24pgs district. A book fair named 'Thakur Nagar Boi Mela' has been a regular yearly event in this small business center in this border district. Today on Dec 13 was the first day of this year's event. Naturally many eminent personalities were present. Amongst them was ex-CPM MP Sri Ashim Bala. As the ex-MP & CPM strongman was inspecting different stalls with his entourage he encountered the book stall of 'Hindu Jagaran Manch'. Like many of his party colleagues who can't stand anything 'Hindu', he too revolted instantly. In his utter hatred he tore down the flex with the stall name, 'Hindu Jagaran Manch'. But what he didn't anticipate was the reaction that followed. First the 5-6 activists present inside the stall protested vehemently. Soon the local coordinator of the organization Sri Manaspati Deb arrived and asked the ex-MP to beg forgiveness and end the episode. To this the CPM strongman made derogatory comments against the Hindus in general and this Hindu organization in particular and openly challenged Sri Deb to do anything he could, but refused to say 'Sorry'. As the incident got mouth publicity, hundreds of ordinary Hindus and RSS activists reached the fair ground and asked for explanations from the ex-MP. Seeing the matter slipping out of hand, Ashim Bala beg forgiveness with folded hands. The agitating crowd then only relented.