Has Tapas Pal unmusked real character of TMC?

Post date: Jul 2, 2014 3:27:47 PM


Recent threat to 'publicly behead' CPI(M) men and 'Will send boys to rape CPM women' by TMC MP Tapas Pal have been condemned by all concerned. Perhaps what is the actual face of Ma Mati Manush of TMC has been flashed before the WB public due to loose talking of a less professional TMC politician.Now learn about some developments and comments "Opposition parties upped the ante against Pal after it became evident that neither the party nor the government is going to take any action against the errant MP. "The chief minister on one hand is talking of the apology and on the other she is highlighting media conspiracy. She is contradicting herself. She is actually endorsing Tapas Pal's statements,' said Rahul Sinha, state BJP president.

"Police promptly arrest if anyone forwards a cartoon (professor Ambikesh Mahapatra), or if anybody asks a question (farmer Shiladitya Chowdhury). But in case of Tapas Pal an apology is enough. Mamata Banerjee has become both the jury and the judge for the state," said Md Selim, Lok Sabha MP and CPI(M) central committee member.

"What else is expected from Trinamool Congress? The tradition which began in the Left regime is continuing after Poribartan," said Pradip Bhattacharya, former state Congress president."

Accusing news media TMC supremo floated that the campaign against Tapas Pal was a part of the conspiracy hatched by a section of the media against Trinamool Congress, chief minister Mamata Banerjee told her MPs, MLAs and zilla sabhadhipatis in a meeting in Kolkata even as she cautioned them against using profanities and as well as a section of the media.

"Let me tell you I don't support the politics of obscenities. At the same time, let me also warn you to keep distance with a section of the media who are out to malign us. They have placed people who recorded the speeches on cell phones. These were later purchased by media houses and was televised. News is being sold at prices between Rs. 50000 and one lakh. You all should be cautious against the media," said the chief minister in the meeting.

But not a word was spoken about any punishment that could be meted out to Tapas Pal, though the entire opposition kept up the pressure for taking action against the MP.

Although,present Ma Mati Manush has been converted as a platform for vested politicians migrated from different parties and the inner thinking of this one person leaded party comes to the light some times through such less professional party members which should be noted by the public very seriously.

Also perhaps his slang-ridden hate speech as Krishnagore MP has made his own partymen hang their heads in shame and made Bengal's civil society wonder who they sent to Parliament from Bengal.

Photo: Times of India