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Websites at Google Sites

A list of websites We've created for our customers. If you find that one of the websites would meet your needs please e-mail with your requirements or use our contact form. Google Sites, part of Google Apps, can give you a website very quickly and provides all the tools necessary to keep it up-to-date.

Google Apps Setup Services

We now offer two services to help you get started using Google Sites or Google Apps. If you need to get your domain name pointed to a Google Site, so you can have a short address like www.yourname.com, and, if you want to get started with Google Apps (Google Mail, Google Calendar, Google Sites etc.) for your domain then the Google Apps Setup Service is for you.

List of Websites at Google sites We have Designed

List Of Google Apps Sites We have set up

List of sites in other commercial servers (Static and Dynamic)

Cost of Services

We provide all these services in cheapest rate than others .You can compare the rates of other from the internet who are providing such services.


Abtak.Net will send you a invoice through e-mail once the work is completed.

How to Contact

Call us on telephone or using contact form on our contact page,stating details of your need for your site.