How to use your personal data spying free on Internet

It is now well known among the Internet users that most of their data are under the grab of different kind of Internet spying strategies.

People were afraid of Virus,Trojans etc which were used to collect users personal vital information with bad intention.So,different kind of Anti virus Anti Spyware etc.were used to protect individual computers.

But a new kind of biggest spying and collecting personal data using big free service providers like Google ,Facebook and different ISPs etc by NSA and US Govt. is a new look in the field of spying of the type.

Can you imagine most of the free service provider assures through their Privacy Policy that private data will not be misused and despite of the assurance they had supplied user's data to a organized spying agency like NSA keeping users helpless, recently revealed by The Guardian.

Now, the question is how we can get relief from such grave situation. Internet experts opine that not to use Internet for sensitive data transfer,rather sensitive data can be transferred through normal post system of the respective country or in other secured way.

One should positively less use e-mails of big mail service providers as they are under the clutch as well as do not use net banking or other online money transfer system.In other words use Internet moderately for your safety.