SBI Hasimara : Tardy to implement PMJDY and LPG linking

Post date: Dec 10, 2014 12:23:51 PM

SBI Hasimara Extention Counter

SBI Hasimara is very reluctant to implement Prime minister's PMJDY scheme and LPG linking service properly. Due to their perturbation these two important decisions of the Central Govt. loosing it's popularity and importance among the poor section of the area.This branch of SBI providing PMJDY service from a small extension counter where they used to provide 50 forms(As this reporter is told by a extension counter employee) a day for opening of new accounts. They are not opening the accounts instantly but mentioning a date after verification of the submitted forms and directing the customers to report on the date along with the form for real opening of the accounts. On visiting the said extension counter this reporter has found that customer who came to open an account today i.e.10/12/14 with completed form and documents has been given a date on 03 Feb 15 to report again.

This branch is only providing facility to link LPG I.D. to their Bank Accounts, who are having Aadhaar Card only. This branch is denying LPG linking service to them who have no Aadhaar Card saying that the branch has not received the updated software in their system to provide the service.

Hasimara is a Tea Garden based area and mostly labors reside below poverty level for whom Prime Mister has launched PMJDY and State Bank Hasimara is not giving proper importance for implementation of the schemes with consequent loss of interest of poor section about the schemes opined some local affected.