Kalchini TMC leaders and workers met to control damaged vote bank

Post date: Jun 21, 2015 5:18:38 PM


Kalchini : On 18/06/15 a meeting was convened at Lathabari Gram Panchayet Building (First Floor) at about 3-00 PM to discuss about controlling of damaged TMC vote bank of Kalchini Assembly Constituency.About 250 veteran active workers and leaders from 11 Gram Panchyets under Kalchini A.C attended the meeting.The meeting was called by the veteran TMC founder leader of Kalchini Mr.Ranjit Ghosh.In Last Parliamentary election TMC got 31384 votes in Kalchini. BJP leaded by 67129 votes. Presently TMC vote bank of Kalchini A.C decreased remarkably due to various mal-actions of the current leadership of the block TMC opined many attending members of the meeting.Members discussed on many issues. The vital issues discussed in the meeting are as follows.1.Maximum TMC workers and leaders were dissatisfied with the formation of Anchal committees,which were being formed defying the normal procedure and mainly excluding active and veteran TMC leaders and workers of Kalchini A.C.

Many genuine TMC workers and leaders who dedicated themselves from the first birth day of Kalchini TMC are now feeling as "useless" and which may cause more downfall of Kalchini TMC vote bank.

2.School representatives for many schools were selected from other parties avoiding eligible TMC workers and leaders.

3.Attending members of the meeting also expressed their anxity about Trade Union front. As recently one of the newly joined TMC leader has formed a new

Trade Union Committee defying the rule "One Trade One Committee" suggested by TMC supremo Ms. Mamta Banerjee.

4.Members also discussed against the anti people actions of some highly powered so called privileged TMC leaders in the block.


Prominent TMC workers and leaders like INTTUC leader Mr.Nolmani Barman,TMC leader Mr.Subhas Champramary,Ex Vice president of State TMC Mr.Mukul Chatterjee,Chairman Kalchini Block Jaihind Bahini Mr.Passang Sherpa,General Secretary TTPWU Mr.Aniruddha Goswami, Anchal TMC Presidents Mr.Shailesh Sharma(Kalchini),Mr.Niranjan Mandal(Lathabari),Opposition Leader Kalchini Panchaet Samiti Mr.Sanjay Ekka, Ex President Kalchini Block TMC Mr.Hari Kujur,Ex Vice Chairman Kalchini panchayet Samiti Mr.Shibram Naik,General Secretary,TMC Kalchini Anchal Mr.Bishnu Sharma and Mr.Ranjit Ghosh and many other dignitaries were present in the meeting and took active part in discussion.Finally all the members had decided to frame a Damage Control committee(Presidium) taking 5 members from each Anchal( Total 55) plus active TMC leaders and leaders from TMC Trade unions. and total members will be in the committee 105 within next 15 days. A report of the meeting will be sent to TMC State President as well as to TMC District President,had been decided by the members.