Haminltonganj high School(HS) observes Golden Jubilee ceremony

Post date: Jan 10, 2015 12:39:13 PM

Haminltonganj high School

A colorful Golden Jubilee ceremony is being observed by the Haminltonganj high School(HS) students and teachers. Many ex-teachers and students of the school and prominent civilians of the area were present in the opening session of the ceremony.Mr.Kalyanakhya Chanda Head Master of Kalchini Union Academy had presided over the session.Mr.Gobinda Karmakar one of the retired teacher who got his appointment during initial growing stage of the school had recalled about the days of his tenure while delivering his speech.The most impressive speech had been delivered by the popular social worker and ex-student of the school Mr.Ranjit Ghosh.

While delivering his speech he mentioned the school as one of the assets of the Hamiltonganj.He also requested the teachers and students to maintain the glory of the institution by means of their best performances. He also requested the students to come back after getting higher educations and services for serving Hamiltonganj in possible ways as Hamiltonganj is their birth place.

Beautiful cultural performances through Song,Dance and Drama were the second session of the ceremony.

(Photo : Ranjit Ghosh delivering speech)