Ghising decided to support TMC

Post date: Apr 5, 2014 3:02:52 AM


GNLF supremo Subhas Ghising announced that his party will support TMC for Darjeeling LS constituency. Hoping for sixth schedule GNLF has extended their support.Although, politician section of hills opine that to establish GNLF politically once again on hills,Ghising has taken this decision.Support of GNLF in favor of TMC candidate has toned TMC but other political parties are in a opinion that getting GNLF support will change a little the position of TMC candidate in Darjeeling

In this connection Ghishig told that Darjeeling Gorkha hill Council was more powerful than GTA and they have extended support to TMC on demand for sixth schedule as permanent solution on hills.

In this connection North Bengal Development Minister Mr.Goutam Dev told " We welcome the decision of mr.Ghising and his support will increase our strength on hills". TMC candidate will lead for more than two lacs of votes in Darjeeling he said.

GJMM supremo Mr.Bimal Gurung said that we are not astonished that Ghising will extend support to a party which is against Gorkha Land.