Electrification expidited by Mendabari TMYC

Post date: May 3, 2015 2:56:36 PM


Kalchini,Mendabari ,03 May'15 : Electrification for remote areas of Dakshin Satali under Mendabari GP is under process now a days.Trinamool Youth Congress is helping a lot for the electrification work in the area. The work is expedited by TMYC leader,Secretary,Mendabari TMYC Mr.Jasdev Kujur.He is helping the villagers as well as WBSEDCL workers for the work going on.The initiative taken by Mr.Jasdev Kujur is appreciated by all the concerned. Mainly villagers of the area are appreciating the endeavor of Mr.Kujur. He is visiting each and every houses of the villagers where till now no electrification has been down. Concerned contractor also has expressed their gratitude for the endeavor of Mr.Kujur.