Alipurduar : Govt. land sold secretly

Post date: Jan 24, 2015 9:39:33 AM


Alipurduar : It is reported that about 3.5 acre out of 28 acre (approx) of land owned by the Birpara Agriculture Farmyard of West Bengal government has been sold secretly. Two local influential persons, who have already purchased the said land separately paying 22lacs and 33lacs. Police and Administration are seems to be reluctant about the matter. Although, high sensation is spread among the local inhabitants and they are agitated over such unlawful secret land encroachment and selling.Police have been d-activated by means of influence about the matter. Some officers of Alipurduar Block-1 are being suspected by many local people. Questions arisen on land registry office also. As per report of reliable source that Sub-Division and Block Agriculture department had lodged complaint twice to Police against such activities. Police officials have accepted that they had received the complaint but keeping mum on the matter.

The Sub-divisional Agriculture officer Mr. Arup Chattopadhya also accepted the incidents of lodging complaints to police about allegedly encroachment of the said land by land mafias, but did not tell anything in details on the matter as if under unknown panic. Naturally, mystery is increasing on the whole matter. Reported by Uttarbanga sambad.