Pros and Cons of Affiliate Marketing System and remedial suggestions

Post date: Oct 31, 2012 3:41:46 AM

Now days Online Business is highly dependent on Affiliate Marketing System. There are many good and bad aspects are interlinked with the system.

In this article we will be discussing the pros and cons of the said marketing system.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

In straight words affiliate marketing is selling commodities of a Company on commission basis.As example A has a company having some commodities and B is selling those commodities of A under his own name and style on commission basis.Now it is clear that B is backing some high risk of marketing.

What type of Risk factors are involved in affiliate marketing?

1.Say B is selling the commodities of A and if commodities are not up to the mark and customer is not satisfied with his purchase with you then customer may fix the responsibility on B primarily.

2.Some times when a purchased article is being refunded by the customer due to non satisfaction and the company A denies to refund quoting his business terms and condition then B has to

bear the responsibility facing a great loss as he sale the commodity directly to the customer..

3.If a parent company suddenly decide to stop their business due to whatever reason and stops all servicing then you can understand the danger of such situation of affiliate marketing.

4. For example you will find thousands of hosting and Domain name seller on the NET. Most of them are reseller/ affiliated marketer of certain company.In fact if you search on the NET

you will find a few actual companies who are having their own infra-structure and others are solely dependent on them.

5.While purchasing a commodity customer wants to buy from the original seller is a common phenomena. But an affiliate marketer actually cheat their intention showing as if he is the original seller and some times affiliate marketer may face grave situation due to what ever cause arising out of misdeeds of original company.

6.There are many more crucial aspects of affiliate marketing system and one should consider ins and out before joining a affiliate program.

What are the remedial measures?

1.If you want to become a reseller/affiliate marketer of a company first of all you have to consider the name and reputation of the said company and you have to search for adverse remarks by the buyers against the said company if any.

Say you are going to join as a affiliate marketer of Google,Yahoo,Godaddy,,Sherekhan or of a company with very good reputation and reliability then no problem go ahead.

2.Intention of this article is to make aware of the actual situation of online affiliate marketing and my suggestion is never join as affiliate of a affiliate marketer which is very risky.

3.Never join as a affiliate of a company which already earned bad reputation. For example I wanted to purchase a domain along with hosting from a recently started company (though they became well known through their spontaneous adds within a short period) in India.

But some of my learned friend told me that you may buy a domain from them but in any case don't buy hosting from them and after searching some blogs and forums I found my friends are truly suggested me.As their domain reselling is entangled with a good company but hosting reselling is not up to the customers satisfaction.

Although they are adverting as cheapest hosting provider in India.You can find the statements of many customers who have suffered from these affiliates/resellers on the net.

4.In India some affiliate domain registers are advertising that a certain domain extension(.asia) is free even if you do not buy any other thing from them in their company . On testing I have found These affiliates/resellers are fraudulently doing this to attract a lay customer. Never join to their affiliate program even if they give you a glittering commission.

Then what to do to become a good affiliate?

1.Choose a well reputed company

2.Read their terms and condition thoroughly as many times till a clear under standing you develop about Terms and Condition of your parent Company.

2.Create a web shop with a name relating your commodity you want to sell.As example if you want to sell potato then try to get a domain name related with potato say etc.

4.Always try to satisfy your customer with your support and dealings.

5.Maintain honesty and reason ability to create a good reputation about your affiliate company.

I have attached some logos and links of trusted and reputed companies,with whom you can try for a affiliate program.

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