TMC Auto Rickshaw Union at Hasimara and what Joakim Baxla says

posted Jun 3, 2014, 10:34 AM by chittasen biswas   [ updated Jun 3, 2014, 10:38 AM ]
Auto Union
Today  an Auto rickshaw driver's union has been formed under the banner of TMC at Hasimara,Kalchini.Mr.Joakim Baxla a TMC Trade Union leader,Mr. Wilson Champramary MLA, Kalchini,Mr.Atul Suba a veteran TMC leader of Kalchini,Mr. Jaiprakash Prasad a young TMC leader were present in the meeting.

Mr. Jaiprakash Prasad has been selected as the President of the committee.

Our correspondent has taken a short interview of Mr.Joakim Baxla, a contesting TMC candidate for Kumargram assembly constituency bi-election and how he responded view from this video:

Joakim Baxla speaks about his voters

Buxla & Jaiprakash
Photo: Mr.Jaiprakash Prasad, Mr.Joakim Baxla,Mr.Ranjit Ghosh,Mr.Wison Champramary,Mr.Atul Suba with Auto Drivers