Alipurduar Zila Parishad announced Standing Committees

posted Nov 13, 2014, 8:13 AM by news reporter   [ updated Nov 13, 2014, 8:16 AM ]
Today on 13/11/14 newly constituted Alipurduar Zila Parishad has started it's function.All the ZP members including Chairman and Vice chairman were present during the occasion.
All the standing committees of the Zila Parishad has been announced which are as follows.

1.Public Health & Environment : Roshni Bagoyar,Triptilata Narjinary,Anil Adhikary(MLA)
2.Public Works & Transport : Samarendra Tirkey,Dasharath Tirkey(MP),Sarbani Das
3.Agriculture,Irrigation,Co-operative : Sagan Thapa,chunnu Ghising,Menuta Basumata
4.Education,Culture,Information,Sports : Asha Narjinary,Shila Das Sarkar,Sandhya Biswas
5.Child and women development,Public welfare,Relief : Sarbani Das,Asha Narjinary,Wilson Champramary(MLA)
6.Forest & Land reformation : Atul Suba(Vice-Chairman),Wilson Champramary(MLA),Rekha Narjinary
7.Fish & Animal development : Shila Das Sarkar,Roshni Bagoyar,Dasharath Tirkey(MP)
8.Food & Supply : Triptilata Narjinary,Sagan Thapa,Nirmala Majhi
9.Small Industry,Electric,Energy : Rekha Narjinary,Samarendra Tirkey,Anil Adhikary(MLA)

Sabhadhipati : Mohan Sharma
Sahakari Sabhadhipati : Atul Suba

Photo : All members of Alipurduar Zila Parishad
and employees