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DPSC Jalpaiguri not providing GPF/CPF statement of teachers

posted Oct 2, 2015, 7:24 AM by news reporter   [ updated Oct 2, 2015, 7:26 AM ]

District Primary School Council Jalpaiguri is not providing GPF/CPF statement to all the primary teachers from the financial year 2011-2012 to till date.Primary teachers under Jalpaiguri DPSC had received their GPF statement for financial year 2010-2011.

Concerned different teacher's associations brought the matter to the knowledge of appropriate authority several times with no result. Teachers are highly aggrieved with the situation.

Mr.Subhashis Bardhan of ABPTA reported that the matter is raised before the DPSC Jalpaiguri concerned several times with no result till date. Mr.Jaidev Roy of Trinamool Siksha cell of Kalchini circle also demanded that they had also brought the matter with the appropriate authorities of DPSC jalpaiguri with no result.

The situation created by the DPSC Jalpaiguri concerned is affecting a large numbers of primary teachers of two districts viz. Alipurduar and jalpaiguri, since DPSC Jalpaiguri could not be able to hand over the relevant documents/papers to the DPSC Alipurduar concerned.

Bus accident on NH-31 near 10 AF hospital

posted Aug 18, 2015, 8:38 AM by news reporter   [ updated Aug 18, 2015, 8:43 AM ]

Bus Accident
Monday,17 August, on NH-31 near 10 Air Force Hospital, Guruduara a Bus accident happened. The Bus named USHA was coming from Jaigaon with destination to Cooch Behar.

More than 15 persons injured and two of them were under serious situation. It is told by the nearby shopkeepers that suddenly a drunkard person on a bi-cycle came in front of the bus. To save that drunkard, driver of the Bus lost balance and hit to a road side tree
Passengers of left front side of the Bus were injured much than others as the bus hit with the tree on the same side with much destruction of shape. All the injured passengers were taken to 10 AF Hospital for treatment.

TMC Tea planters Union,Kalchini hold a meeting

posted Aug 9, 2015, 7:59 AM by news reporter   [ updated Aug 9, 2015, 8:01 AM ]

Targeting the 2016 Assembly Election Kalchini TMC has started to organise union activities in Tea Gardens
A meeting of TRINAMOOL Congress Tea planters Union Kalchini,affiliated by INTTUC is held today at Hasimara Kalibari.
About 300 of union members from 9 tea gardens participated the meeting.Alipurduar District INTTUC President Mr.Joakim Baxla,

Mr.Atul Suba,Vice chairman Alipurduar Zila Parishad,Mr.Pawan Lakra,Kalchini Block TMC President,Mr.Ranjit Ghosh,veteran TMC leader of the Alipurduar District, Mr.Aniruddha goswami,Secretary,Kalchini block TRINAMOOL Congress Tea planters Union and
many other dignitaries were present in the meeting.

Mr.Ranjit Ghosh and Mr.Atul Suba explained the activities of the union undertaken. Mr.Aniruddha Goswami while delivering his speech told that one should become a member of a union as well as to support its mother party also.Mr.joakim Baxla also addressed the meeting and praised the union activity which is being patronized by Mr.Atul Suba and Mr.Ranjit Ghosh.

Foundation laid for first ITI college in Alipurduar

posted Jul 31, 2015, 9:20 AM by news reporter   [ updated Jul 31, 2015, 9:23 AM ]

On Thursday 30 July the foundation stone for first ITI college for Alipurduar District has been laid down by Mr.Atul Suba and Mr.Mohan Sharma vic-chairman and chairman of newly constituted Alipurduar Zila Parishad at Bamanpara under Mendabari G.P. Kalchini Block.
Mr.Ranjit Ghosh,veteran TMC leader of Kalchini,Mrs.Chandra Narjinary,Pradhan,
Mendabari G.P, Jt.BDO Kalchini,BLLRO,
Kalchini, Mr.Pawan Lakra Ex MLA Kalchini, Mr.Jasdeo Kujur Secy.local Trinamool Youth Congress along with other dignitaries were present in the function.

While delivering his speech Mr.Atul Suba said his long cherished dream is going to be fulfilled by this laid foundation by the blessings of WB CM Ms.Mamta Banerjee. Also he declared that very soon foundation of a Hindi college is going to be laid.
Mr. Suba inaugurated a tree plantation program arranged by adjacent Bamanpara Club on the same day.

Lathabari TMC office inaugurated

posted Jul 17, 2015, 9:11 AM by chittasen biswas   [ updated Jul 17, 2015, 9:13 AM ]

Friday 17 July 15,Lathabari,Kalchini : Today after a short meeting of TMC Lathabari workers and leaders a permanent office for TMC, Lathabari has been inaugurated by Alipurduar Zila Parishad Vice Chairman Shi. Atul Suba.

Veteran TMC leader of Kalchini and Alipurduar District Mr.Ranjit Ghosh, Mr.Binoy Narjinary, President, Trinamul Krishak Cell, Alipurduar, Mr.Aniruddha Goswami Genaral Secretary,TTPWU, Mr.Birjabhar Toppo, member, Lathabari Gram Panchayet along with 100 TMC workers were present in the meeting.

Mr. Atul Suba while delivering his speech told that "United we stand divided we fall" so all the workers and leaders should work unitedly to contact the voters from now onward targeting 2016 Assembly election. Mr.Niranjan Mandal Lathabari Anchal TMC President has presided over the meeting.

Most of the speakers have opined that recent whimsical changes in Lathabari Anchal TMC committee made by Kalchini Block TMC president have weaken the party in the area and a resultant negative message has been spread over.  

Kalchini TMC leaders and workers met to control damaged vote bank

posted Jun 21, 2015, 10:18 AM by news reporter   [ updated Jun 21, 2015, 10:20 AM ]

: On 18/06/15 a meeting was convened at Lathabari Gram Panchayet Building (First Floor) at about 3-00 PM to discuss about controlling of damaged TMC vote bank of Kalchini Assembly Constituency.

About 250 veteran active workers and leaders from 11 Gram Panchyets under Kalchini A.C attended the meeting.The meeting was called by the veteran TMC founder leader of Kalchini Mr.Ranjit Ghosh.

In Last Parliamentary election TMC got 31384 votes in Kalchini. BJP leaded by 67129 votes. Presently TMC vote bank of Kalchini A.C decreased remarkably due to various mal-actions of the current leadership of the block TMC opined many attending members of the meeting.

Members discussed on many issues. The vital issues discussed in the meeting are as follows.

1.Maximum TMC workers and leaders were dissatisfied with the formation of Anchal committees,which were being formed defying the normal procedure and mainly excluding active and veteran TMC leaders and workers of Kalchini A.C.

Many genuine TMC workers and leaders who dedicated themselves from the first birth day of Kalchini TMC are now feeling as "useless" and which may cause more downfall of Kalchini TMC vote bank.

2.School representatives for many schools were selected from other parties avoiding eligible TMC workers and leaders.

3.Attending members of the meeting also expressed their anxity about Trade Union front. As recently one of the newly joined TMC leader has formed a new
Trade Union Committee defying the rule "One Trade One Committee" suggested by TMC supremo Ms. Mamta Banerjee.

4.Members also discussed against the anti people actions of some highly powered so called privileged TMC leaders in the block.

Prominent TMC workers and leaders like INTTUC leader Mr.Nolmani Barman,TMC leader Mr.Subhas Champramary,Ex Vice president of State TMC Mr.Mukul Chatterjee,Chairman Kalchini Block Jaihind Bahini Mr.Passang Sherpa,General Secretary TTPWU Mr.Aniruddha Goswami, Anchal TMC Presidents Mr.Shailesh Sharma(Kalchini),Mr.Niranjan Mandal(Lathabari),
Opposition Leader Kalchini Panchaet Samiti Mr.Sanjay Ekka, Ex President Kalchini Block TMC Mr.Hari Kujur,Ex Vice Chairman Kalchini panchayet Samiti Mr.Shibram Naik,General Secretary,TMC Kalchini Anchal Mr.Bishnu Sharma and Mr.Ranjit Ghosh and many other dignitaries were present in the meeting and took active part in discussion.

Finally all the members had decided to frame a Damage Control committee(Presidium) taking 5 members from each Anchal( Total 55) plus active TMC leaders and leaders from TMC Trade unions. and total members will be in the committee 105 within next 15 days. A report of the meeting will be sent to TMC State President as well as to TMC District President,had been decided by the members.

Krishi Bazar foundation stone laid by Atul Suba

posted Jun 1, 2015, 8:34 AM by news reporter   [ updated Jun 1, 2015, 8:36 AM ]

Kalchini : A krishi Bazar foundation stone has been laid by Sahakari-Sabhadhipati of Alipurduar Zila Parishad Mr. Atul Suba at Dakshin Satali under Mendabari G.P to day on 1.6.15.

This Krishi Bazar is situated at adjacent area of Raghunath Murmu residential School. Work of the Krishi Bazar has been started today it self. Mrs.Chandra Narjinary, Pradhan of Mendabari GP was also present during the occasion.

The estimated area of the Krishi Bazar is 3 acres. Local Bamanpara yuba Kalyan Sangh club members and the Secretary of the said club Mr.Jasdeo Kujur are helping for the work with positive attitude.

Some of local people are also present during the occasion. Mr. Suba said this Krishi Bazar will help local poor farmers in multiple way free of cost. Also,by dint of this Krishi Bazar agriculture of the District will get a favorable dimension he said.

Mr.Atul Suba is laying foundation along with Mrs.Chandra Narjinary, Pradhan, Mendabari G.P.

Inauguration of Kalchini Basra Bridge

posted May 16, 2015, 8:39 AM by news reporter   [ updated May 16, 2015, 8:40 AM ]

A PWD arranged inaugural function for Basra Bridge at Hamiltonganj,Kalchini has been convened today.West Bengal PWD Minister Mr.Shankar Chakraborty has inaugurated the Bridge in the presence of Govt.officials,top dignitaries,and local people.Near about 250-300 people were present in the function.PWD Minister narrated details about the the construction of the bridge before the present public.

Mr.Atul Suba Sahakari Sabhadhipati,Alipurduar Zila Parishad , Mr.Mohan Sharma, Sabhadhipati, Alipurduar Zila Parishad, Mr.Sourabh Chakraborty President,Alipurduar Zila TMC have delivered speechs for the occasion.They said that the previous 100 years old bridge on Basra river had been fallen on 2010 due to Harka Ban.Present TMC Govt. of West Bengal has taken the tusk to build a new bridge with priority for public convenience.

Atul Suba & MIC PWD
Mr. Atul Suba and MIC,PWD Shankar Chakraborty
MIC told that West Bengal Govt has sanctioned Rs.9.5 crores to re-construct the bridge and the work will be completed within next 18 months.Mr.Ranjit Ghosh veteran Kalchini TMC leader along with other dignitaries were also witnessed the meeting.Latabari Anchal TMC President Mr. Niranjan Mandal(Dagu) and his committee have distributed sweets(Laddoo) and soft drinks to the spectators.

Bomb explode in Kolkata local train,14 injured

posted May 12, 2015, 10:23 AM by news reporter   [ updated May 12, 2015, 10:28 AM ]

Bomb blast in train
News agencies reports said the blast took place in the fifth compartment of  the Sealdah-Krishnanagar train at 3.55 am, when it had just left Titagarh station.

Reports quoted witness account as saying that the bomb exploded after an argument between two suspected criminals. One of them was carrying the bomb. He himself is among the injured.  Police have identified him as Raja alias Raju Das.

Of the injured, seven were released after first aid while the rest are in hospital.

The incident led to temporary disruption in suburban train services on the section.

Police started an investigation into the incident.

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